Basic directions of the Institute's activity:

  • Design of powerful microwave devices, charged particles accelerators and other complicated electrophysical installations;
  • Studies in the field of high power radiophysics, dynamics of the charged particles beams, physics of the gas discharges in the fields of powerful microwave radiation , development of the methods of their application;
  • Design of the devices for microwave and radiation sterilization of medical items, agricultural and food products;
  • Design of equipment for neutralizing of industrial, agricultural and medical enterprises waste products;
  • Design of installations for the X-ray photographic, radiographic and tomographic inspection of cargo, vehicles and luggage;
  • Design of equipment, based of shock-wave electric-pulse technology for applications in medicine, industry and transport;
  • Design of equipment and technologies for modification of materials;
  • Monitoring and measuring systems design for different applications in physics, medicine, ecology and security.

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