Scientific Thesis Council

In 1979 the Scientific Thesis Council was created in FSUE "MRTI RAS" for defending of Doctor of Sciences and Philosophical Degree Thesises on the following specialties:

01.04.08 - physics of plasma (in physics and mathematics);
01.04.20 - physics of charged particle beams and accelerating technology (technical sciences).

20 scientific experts are the members of the council: 19 - Dr.Sci., 1 - Ph.D. 10 experts are in the specialty 01.04.20 and 10 experts are in specialty 01.04.08.

Igor I. Esakov          

Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics                                                                                                              +7 (495) 315-31-18

Kirill V. Khodataev

Deputy Chairman of Council
Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics, professor                                                                                          +7 (495) 311-35-31

Aleksandr P. Durkin

Scientific secretary of council,
Ph.D.  in Technical Sciences                                                                                                                          +7 (495) 315-29-53

Elizaveta Ge R. Pan


Scientific secretary of the Institute,
Dr. Sci. in Medical Sciences, the Assistant Professor                                                                             +7 (495) 315-63-47         
 (Reception days: Tuesday, Thursday)

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