Sterilization of single-time used medical products in the transport packing

Irradiation of the medical single-time used products for their sterilization is conducted in the center of radiation technologies MRTI RAS.

Center is created on the base of the industrial radiation sterilization installation.

The installation consists of the linear MW accelerator of electrons, the transport system with the hanging continuous conveyor and the automated control system. The radiation processing is accomplished by an electron beam. Irradiation - is bilateral during two passages of the conveyor.

 Basic parameters of the installation:  

Maximum energy of the electrons                                   10 MeV

Maximum power of the beam                                          10 kW

Productivity with the radiation dose 15 kGy                   10 t per 24 hours

Maximum overall sizes of the sterilized products            57 x of 38 x of 27 cm

All technological processes of the medical products sterilization processes are certified by the RF State Committee on Standardization. The quality control automatic system is realized. 

The radiation sterilization center has large productivity and is in constant industrial operation since 1994. Large volumes of various medical products realized by the enterprises of the European region of Russia are sterilized here.


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