BRIG 1. X-ray installation for inspection of carry-on baggage

ImageTwo-projection two-level X-ray-graphic installation "BRIG-1M" for inspection of hand luggage and luggage with sizes of an aperture of viewing tunnel 50 х 70, 60 х 90 and 100 х 100 cm. The installation has a function of automatic detection of effective atomic number and physical density of assembly parts of inspected loads. That allows with high accuracy to identify explosives and drugs substances. A validity of such detection is not lower than 96% (for a mass of the explosive substance load not less than 150g), and a probability of a false alarm is not higher than 5%.

The sample installation under the name "Insight Eagle" was checked in Fort Wayne, Ind., USA by Insight Detection System (1998y.), by Technical Center of FAA (Atlantic City) and by LaGuardia Airport, N.Y. As the result, BRIG1 become the single russian inspection and diagnostic complex, certified by FAA in USA.
No other system in the world has such high parameters for explosives and drug substances detection as BGIG 1. "MRTI RAS" produced 40 such installations in the 1996-2010 period of time.

Technical characteristics of the installation:

Depth of radiography by steel - 23 mm

Spatial resolution - 2 mm

Visual representation of the inspected object: black and white image and color Z-image on two monitors screens.

Overall sizes - 2970 (3950) x 1610 x 1175 mm

Installation weight - 1050 kG

Maximal weight of inspected object - 100 kG

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