Installations of radiating sterilization

Industrial sterilizing installation «Sterus-1» consists of the linear MW accelerator of electrons, transport system with the pendant continuous conveyor and the automated control system. An irradiation of products is bilateral for two passes of the conveyor. Installation is placed in premises with the reliable biological protection made of thick-walled concrete. The accelerator and an irradiation zone are located in a hall with thickness of walls and floors of 2.5 meters. Safety of the personnel is also supervised by a system of dosimetry and protective blocking.

Installation key parameters:

The maximum electron energy                                10 MeV

The maximum power of a beam                             10 kW

Productivity of an irradiation dose          15 kGr /10 t per 24 hour

The maximum sizes of sterilized products           57 x 38 x 27 cm

On the basis of this installation the Center of radiating technologies for realization of radiating sterilization of medical products and food staffs and also for development of radiating technologies of different function is created in Moscow Radiotechnical Institute. In the Center sterilization of large volumes of various medical productions which are produced by the enterprises of the European region of Russia is made. All technological processes of medical products sterilization are certified by GOSSTANDART of Russia. In the Center the automatic monitoring system of quality is also realized.

The center of radiating sterilization possesses the large productivity and is in continues commercial operation since 1994.
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