Investigations on the resonant streamer microwave discharge in high-pressure gases

Image In MRTI during several years experimental and theoretical researches are carried out on super-power short pulse   microwave (MW) streamer discharge in gases of a high pressure and on its final stage in the form of rectilinear electrodeless Z-pinch. The discharge at this stage of development forms the thin channel of high-temperature plasma in hydrogen and deuterium, confined by average magnetic pressure of induced MW current. The researches provided till the present time testify the realization of the thermonuclear reaction in such a system.
Advantages of such scheme include: absence of impurity, high Efficiency of MW energy use for plasma heating, small power consumption of the power supply system stores, the small sizes of the device, and possibility of regulation of its output power in a wide range.
The experimental base existing in MRTI allows to carry out the first stage of works on demonstration of a positive release of energy in thermonuclear reaction at a single pulse of powerful MW radiation.
The project purpose is study and experimental verification of possibility of thermonuclear synthesis reaction realization with a positive release in plasma of pulse resonant streamer MW discharge in high pressure gases.
Results of researches can be used for development and creation of a prototype of an industrial sample:

  • a source of powerful x-ray radiation for the industry;
  • a source of neutron radiation (powerful and rather cheap source of neutrons is necessary for practical realization of a reactor on the fast neutrons idea which main advantage is the raised safety in comparison with usual nuclear reactors);
  • industrial source of electric and thermal energy on the basis of a thermonuclear synthesis reactor with a positive release.
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