Equipment for shock-wave cottonizing of bast-fibrous materials

In connection with the continuous increase in cotton prices the textile industry in many countries has the serious scarcity of high quality natural raw materials. All known (mechanical, chemical, biological) methods of raw materials processing out of the alternative materials have essential drawbacks. They are: high prime cost and low quality of the raw material processing, and the extremely low percentage of its output. At application of the mechanical method - there is high explosiveness of the process. At the chemical and biological technologies there is added even poor controllability of the technological process. Furthermore, at the chemical method of cottonine realization harmful wastes in large quantities are formed as the by-products.

  The proposed complex is intended for the automated cottonizing of the bast-fiber materials and consists of the fiber processing three base sections - the section of preliminary preparation, the section of the shock-wave treatment (SWT) and the section of finishing treatment. The set of these technological sections (with the conveyers of the material displacement, the lines of water supply and diverting and the central block of recirculating water) forms the final technological line of very high-quality cottonine obtaining.

 The base principle of the short flax cottonizing, which is used in this complex, is processing of the mixture "water- fiber" by the shock-wave hydrodynamic action, realized by the ultrasonic and the electric-pulse discharge action in the mixture.

 Main advantages of the electric-pulse technology:

  1. This technology is absolutely explosion-proof (in contrast to the mechanical one).
  2. The prime cost of the production is by 8 times lower than the chemical method of cottonizing, and the prime cost of the flaxen yarn production is reduced by 25% in comparison with the traditional technology. 
  3. Ecologically harmful wastes are practically absent. 
  4. The technology of cottonizing allows to completely ensure with the high-quality raw material needs of the spinning industry of Russia and other countries where the cotton does not grow.
     The properties of the cottonine show that it is possible to speak about the qualitatively new form of the production in the flax industry.

       Basic characteristics of complex (with the productivity 500 kg/h for the complex, which consists of 12 technological modules in the section SWT):

1. Area of the arrangement                                             230-250 m2;

2.  Power consumption                                                  not more than 150 kW;

3. Expenditure of electric power SWT                           to 0,35 kW/h on 1 kg of dry raw material;

4. Control                                                                            computerized;

5. Quality of the treatment cottonine                              not worse than 0,3 Tex;

6. Service personnel                                                        not more than 4 people.

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