Two-phase gas-water flow-meter based on the microwave cavity

ImageThe three-component flow-meter of gas, condensate and water RGL-001-02 is intended for operation in the gas industry, namely: for use in chinks and in regions of primary processing of extracted raw materials. With corresponding adaptation of its design and the software, the device can find application in the oil-extracting industry for measurement on component mass flow rate of extraction products - gas, oil, water.

The contactless principle of parameters of gas-liquid (GL) stream measurement is put in a flow-meter basis: density, speed and the volume maintenance of water in the pipeline are controlled in interaction of a stream with an electromagnetic field of microwave radiation of millimeter and decimeter ranges of wavelengths.

The flow-meter has a complex of normalized metrological characteristics and carries out:

- Measurement of the gas flow volume rate in a range from 1000 to 40 000 m3/h

- Measurement of the gas flow volume rate of a condensate in a range from 1 to 22 m3/h

- Measurement of the volume of water flow in a range from 0.1 to 4 m3/ch

- Temperature of gas-liquid mixture measurement (in a range from +5 ... +70 оC)

- GL mixture pressure measurement in a range from 6 to 20 MPa.

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